Tapout XT – First impressions from a fat person

I need to start this mini review/article with a little background on my exercise habits, tell the true it’s VERY little as before this (becoming healthy) I didn’t do exercise…at all! As you can imagine my fitness level is shockingly poor and non existent.

I can’t quite remember how I come across Tapout XT but I did and I had a little look on eBay for a cheap copy and bought it, the results looked amazing and I was thinking to myself “Well it’s only 90 of my life I have to tough out and then I will be getting somewhere! Surely I can do that!”

tapout xt fat person review

How wrong I was lol, I want to say before anyone gets the wrong impression that Tapout XT is and amazing workout and I’m positive it will work…for the right person.

The exercises/routines that Mike Karpenko puts you through is just unrealistic for a fat person, straight up I won’t lie I couldn’t do a lot of them because of my fat gut getting in the way and my lack of physical strength and flexibility  There are no “ok your unfit, let’s start slow” routines or exercises, it’s straight into the deep end with lead weights attached!

I can see a lot of people out there that are in the same situation as me getting very frustrated and depressed with not being able to do the exercises in this program because of their weight and eventually give up completely which defeats the object doesn’t it, BUT WAIT I’ve had an idea!

You may be thinking that I’m going to quit Tapout XT, well I’m not I’m just going to modify it a little as it really is getting my heart pumping and sweat dripping which is all good stuff. I’m going to try doing half of each workout with warm up/down and only do it every other day because everyday is just killing my muscles and I don’t want to do myself any harm (sound like an excuse I know!) I would rather go slower and increase over time building my fitness and stamina and actually stick to it rather than quit.

I shall keep you all updated!

Are you thinking about Tapout XT, or maybe you’ve done it? Leave a comment below sharing your experience with us all.

UPDATE: I’ve stopped using Tapout XT, click here to read the full story!


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