Society Used To Fat People OR Sabotage?

society used to fat people?

For the past couple of weeks,  I’ve been dragging about losing 4 stone. I haven’t been doing it in a big head, show off way; more of a “I’m so pleased i’ve reached the 4 stone mark”. Nine times out of ten when I tell someone that I’ve lost 4 stone they ask me a few standard questions,

How long has it taken you?
Has it been hard?
How did you do it?
How much more do you want to lose?

I answer all these questions and many more. I love talking about it because if I could inspire just one person to into changing their life, to get fit and healthy; that would be an incredible feeling. I love the thought of becoming a better person myself while trying to help as many other people out there as I can.

I’m getting side tracked.

When I answer the “how much more do you want to lose” question with, “I’ve got 3 and half stone to go until I hit my target”, people look at me in a number of different ways; confusion, shock, disbelief. I can’t understand why. They follow their confused looking face with, “Really! That’s too much, surely you can’t have that much more to go”. At this point lately, I like to ask them one last question before answering theirs. Just to try and figure out what their thinking and seeing when they look at me. “How much to you think I weigh right now?”

This is where things get a little crazy!

I’ve had guesses ranging from 14 – 16 stone, no one has ever come close to my actual weight (at the time of asking I was 18 stone 5lbs). Don’t get me wrong it sounds like a lovely compliment but is it? I’ve been thinking about their guesses a little, maybe I shouldn’t be, maybe I should just take them as compliments and more on, but i just can’t. Something’s bugging me and to tell you the truth I’m confused as hell to what it is.

Thinking hasn’t helped, it just brought up more questions that I’m trying to answer;

Does this mean we’re too familiar with fat people?
Does this mean fat (people) is becoming the norm?
Are we just out of touch with people’s weights and appearances?
Are we simply telling people what we want to hear?
OR Is it a subconscious ploy to undermine the successful dieter?


worlds getting fatter

The new social norm?

We all know the worlds getting fatter. You hear it almost every other day on the news, obesity this, obesity that and it not surprising when you look at how many new sweets and tasty delights are being released. Our supermarkets are jam packed to the rafters, and we love them; we’re addicted to them.

This begs the question. Is the result of this ever growing waist line lured us in to thinking bigger people are not actually that heavy? Certainly, this could be an acceptable answer. It’s much the same as portion size, slowly over time our portions have grown and now just like guessing a person’s weight; it would be hard to judge a realistic sized portion.

So that’s one possible answer, but what about this.

Conscious or subconscious haters?


Could this be a under hand compliment? You know what I mean. There’s people out there that are not satisfied with their lives, they seem to be stuck in their own little world not willing or even wanting to change. That’s fine, it’s their life, but what’s not acceptable is a small percentage of these people hate the though of others around them bettering themselves. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are lovely people. Good people, friends, and they probably don’t even know their doing it. You know someone like that don’t you?

Are they genuinely giving me a compliment, or is it something their saying to try and satisfy my self-of-steam or ego? Satisfy it to a point that I’m so happy with myself I stop what I’m doing, and start beliving I’ve done enough, and just stay where I am. Is it supposed to make me stop my journey of bettering myself?

Here’s the tricky part because this to sounds like it could be the answer, they both do.


What about the finish line?

weight loss finish line

One last thing that’s come to my mind why thinking about all this. If they don’t actually see me at the weight I’m currently at, regardless if it’s because they think I’m lighter than I am or if it’s a underhanded compliment. What will they think of me when I hit my goal weight of 15 stone? I’m chuckling at the thought that could be thinking, “he’s too skinny now”! Never, I mean never would I have thought people could potentially think that about me…Fatboy!


Over thinking?

I started this article trying to figure out why people can’t correctly guess my weight and maybe (definitely) I’ve put much thought into it, but it’s pretty fascinating don’t you think? I love getting compliments just like anyone else out there, the fact that no has come close to guessing my weight just got me thinking that’s all.

am i over thinking?

I think it’s one of those questions that’s got no real right or wrong answer, just opinions.

Let me know what your thoughts, even if it’s to say I’m over thinking…way too much?


So what’s your opinion, what do you think? Have you asked anyone how much they think you weigh, and if you have what did they say, were they even close?

Darran Mansfield

Hi! I'm Darran Mansfield, I've been on the Slimming World diet for about 10 months, and I've lost 5 and a half stone (74lbs/34kgs), I'm by no means a weight loss expert, but I do have first hand experience, and that's what I'm here to share with you. I'm looking for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that's enjoyable yet maintainable in today's modern life. If that's what you want, you should stick around, I'm sure you'll find something helpful and don't forget to say hi to me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.

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