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slimming world seafood sandwich mix

I’ve got another wicked sandwich filling for you today, one of my personal favourites. Smoked salmon, prawns, crab sticks and mayonnaise, you can understand why its one of my favourites can’t you!

This filling is so easy to make its unreal, no cooking necessary, simply cutting and mixing; if that isn’t good enough it’s only 1.5 syns per portion.


  • 2 packs smoked salmon slices (400g)
  • 2 packs seafood sticks (32pc)
  • 2 packs peeled, cooked prawns, thawed (600g)
  • 9 heaped Tbsp Light Mayo
  • Salt & Pepper to season

Ingredients list, 2 packs smoked salmon slices (400g) 2 packs seafood sticks (32pc) 2 packs peeled, cooked prawns, thawed (600g) 9 heaped Tbsp Light Mayo Salt & Pepper to season

Remove all the plastic wraps from the seafood sticks and place in a large bowl, once you’ve done them all get your hands stuck in and shred them with your fingers.

seafood sandwich mix crab sticks

Take your smoked salmon, a sharp knife, and cut into small pieces. How big you cut the salmon really is down your personal preference; obviously the smaller the pieces the further the salmon will go. I Cut mine between  ½” and 1” which is fine for me. Once you’ve cut your salmon add it to the bowl of seafood sticks.

seafood sandwich salmon

Next up is the prawns; the most important thing here is draining them. The best way to do this is by cutting the corner off the pack, scrunch the prawns together in your hands (still in the pack) and turn upside down. Loads of liquid will come running out, squeeze them quite hard to remove all the excess water, you don’t want your mixture going watery do you?

Do this for both packs and them add them to the bowl that’s got the salmon and seafood sticks in.

seafood sandwich mix

Mix all the ingredients together quickly, nothing perfect as your now going to add mayonnaise.

I add 9 heaped tablespoons to this mixture which I thought was adequate; crack in a little black pepper and mix thoroughly until blended well.

TIP #1: Don’t add salt to this mixture as smoked salmon can be quite salty already, you can always add salt to individual sandwiches when you make them if you want.

seafood sandwich mix 2

Seafood sandwich filling complete! Wasn’t that easy? Cover with tinfoil and keep in the fridge, it’ll be good for the week.

Show me the Money…

This mixture made 18 very healthy sized sandwiches throughout the week between me, my mum and brother.

Price break down,

  • 2 packs smoked salmon slices = £5.00
  • 2 packs seafood sticks = £2.30
  • 2 packs prawns = £5.25
  • 9 heaped Tbsp Light Mayo = 51p

Total cost = £13.06
Cost per portion = 72.5p!

That’s an amazing price; only 72.5p per portion, salmon, prawn and seafood! You can’t get that in any supermarket…actually you can, I lie.

“Slimming world friendly, luxury seafood cocktail sandwich filling, only 1½ syns, and 73p per portion, it’s so good! http://bit.ly/1iQu0cv”
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I had a quick look in Tesco at the weekend and found the seafood cocktail mixture they sell, 270g for £1.35.

tesco seafood sandwich filling mix

At a real push, (stingy!) I think I could get three sandwiches out of their mixture bring the overall cost per portion to 45p; that sounds pretty cheap, but just look what’s in their’s! It’s utterly disgusting.

My homemade version is 10 times better than there’s without a doubt.

tesco seafood4

TIP #2: Fancy a marie rose/seafood sauce version? Add 1 table spoon of tomato ketchup to 1 portion of the filling for an extra syn. I’m telling you it tastes amazing!

Syns…where are you?

The most important part of the whole mixture, syns. Surprisingly there’s only 1.5 syns per portion in this filling, sweet right!

The only syns in this filling are from the mayonnaise, depending on your personal taste, you might want less mayonnaise, bringing the syns down naturally.

tesco seafood mixture slimming world syn value

While we’re talking about syns I took a look at how many were in Tesco’s seafood cocktail mixture that I said about, 1 level table spoon of the mix is 2 syns; the amount I put in my sandwiches would cost me 8 to 10 syns!

Now you’ve read my recipe, how about leaving me a comment below sharing your favourite sandwich fillings 🙂

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