Readers Questions – Alcohol, On-Plan & Not Losing, and Sandwich Recipe Downloads

I’ve had a couple of questions from readers this week that I thought I’d share with you all, You know how much I love hearing from you guys, and would love to make this “readers questions” a regular feature, would that be helpful?

Q. I love a pint on the weekend but it’s like 10 syns, how can I get around this? – Steph

A. Personally I’m not much of a drinker, but this seems to be quite a common question by slimmers who like a drink socially at the weekend, and why not. I mean it’s pointless losing all the weight and look smoking hot if you’re not gonna get out there and live, right!

First thing I would suggest is switching to a low syn beer, something like becks blue. Ok it is 0% alcohol which some of you might not like, but its only 4 syns a bottle (275ml), and it’s reasonably cheap at only 50p a bottle from Tesco. If you had a syn-free day at the weekend you could have 4 beers; well you’d be a syn over but what’s one syn between friends? 

picture of becks blue non alcoholic beer, only 4 syns on slimming worldSomething else you could do which I think would be great for special occasions, saving syns.  If you were to save 4 syns a day throughout the week giving you a total of 20, that would be enough for 5 bottles of becks blue as well as a real beer/drink in the middle of them with that days syns. That’s quite a good amount for a social drinking situation, isn’t it?

Saving 4 syns a day shouldn’t have too much of an effect on your days foods as long as you stock up on free & super free and it’ll make that pint (or few!) pretty sweet at the weekend. While I’m on the subject of saving syns, I think it’s wise to say that it shouldn’t be done each and every week, but every now and then won’t be a problem.

Q. I stayed the same at this week’s weigh in despite being really good and staying on plan, any suggestions what I can do? – Mavis

This sucks! I’ve been there, andI know it’s not a nice feeling. Being honest with you, this isn’t an easy question to answer because there so many varying factors to consider, but there are a few things we can look at and try.

First things first, before you rush to change what you’re eating or doing you need to think about what you have done in the past week or so. Have you done anything different this week from past weeks; different foods, quantities, eating times and patterns, exercise (different type and times), sleep (have you been sleeping more or less that normal)? All of these have an effect on your body and how it loses weight.

Picture of mixed fruit and vegetables

If you have made some changes, for instance eating lots more fruit and veg, bear in mind that it can take 2-4 weeks to take full positive (or negative) effect on your body. Let’s say you’ve been eating more fruit and veg this week, and in the past you haven’t really eaten much, your body could be reacting in some sort of shock and holding on to everything because it doesn’t know when it might get it next. With all changes you make to your diet/exercise you need to give it about 3-4 weeks (consistence) to see the real results before trying something else.

Second, are you eating enough food? You need to be stocking up on free & super free foods and water? I’ll be the first to admit that I need to eat more fruit and veg, and I regularly have to look at this because it’s not easy at times eating everything you need to. I suggest taking a look at what you are eating, take note and increase accordingly if you aren’t eating enough.

Q. I really like your bulk sandwich filling recipes, can I download them? Daniel

book covers of my slimming world sandwich recipesq


Thanks! Yes you can, I’ve turned them into PDF’s that everyone can download quickly and easily here. Enjoy!



That’s all for this week; like I said at the beginning of this post, I love helping you guys, and would love for you to send me any questions you may have, click here to contact me now!


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