Weigh In Update

This is my first update in a few weeks which I’m not happy about, I don’t like being this infrequent with blogging, but it can’t be helped; there really isn’t enough hours in the day at the moment!

So hows things going with my diet, slow, really slow, that’s how! I think I have officially hit the weight loss plateau, something I’ve been expecting and dreading for a long time.

In the past month i’ve only lost 2lbs, granted I haven’t put anything on but 2lbs in a whole month is crazy slow! I know everyone says “the slower you lose it, the more likely you’ll keep it off” I can understand that, but the frame of mind I’m in, I will keep it off, I can’t go back to the way I was not now.

I’m at that point where I’m thinking “what more can I possibly do, I’m eating well and exercising so what else can I do?”. To tell the truth I really don’t know; I’ve got a few ideas that I could try, nothing revolutionary though. The only things I can think of is increasing my exercise, and to eat more fruit and veg, I told you they wasn’t anything special.

It’s not as if I’ve only got a few more pound to go, I want to loss 3 and a half stone more, which will take me to a total loss of 7.5 stone; bringing me to 15 stone, the lowest I’ll have been in over 8/9 years! Continue reading

I don’t know what I really look like!

Darran Mansfield before and after during weight loss

I was out a couple of weeks ago for Fatboys Friday Feast with a few friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen for a few months, it was great catching up, as soon as he saw me he noticed that I had lost more weight and said that I was looking much better for it which is always a nice compliment, the following conversation between me and my two mate really got me thinking.

Austen said, “I can really see your jaw line, I’ve never see it before”

Which followed with Nathan saying, “We’ve never seen your face or what you actually look like, your real face has always been hidden, you’ve only ever looked round”

As soon as he said that I thought, what does he mean? Continue reading

Why I Started A Diet & Finally Stuck To It

no pressure

Why I started a diet is quite a difficult question for me to answer really, I had not long got back from living in Thailand when my mum said that she was really unhappy with her weight and that she was going to join slimming world next week.

I knew her reason for joining and was because she didn’t like being fat, she didn’t like the look, the feel or restrictions it imposed and she told me that she spent about 80% of the day thinking about her weight and disliking herself for the way she is, which was pretty shocking to me as I was double her size and I can honestly say I never had that feeling, disliking myself most of the time was just not me.

I wasn’t thinking…at all!

Anyway she said I should come along with her and without thinking at all I said “yeah why not!”, completely spur of the moment type thing, I wasn’t really thinking I was gonna stick to it or anything to be honest, I put no thought into the any of it, I said yes in the moment, to be honest I kinda forgot about it till the Monday evening we went. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 25/02/13…Complement from a girl!

Hey Guys, I did want this to be a video but I’ve been rushing around lately so much I haven’t have time to record/edit so its an old school article this week, I’ll try and get a video sorted and then put it up as soon as I can.

Let’s get down to this week shall we,

Slowing Down?

I weighed in last night and I lost 1lb. I’ll be truthful, I wasn’t overly pleased with that, of course it 10x better than a gain so I’ll take it for sure, its just, things seem to be starting to slow down a little bit and I’m an impatient guy when it comes to getting things down, I just want progress  progress, progress, I know its never going to happen that way but I can want can’t I!

Not eating enough, you sure!

I have been eating loads of fruit this week, mainly apples, oranges and bananas, I’m quite please with this as I’ve never been a big fan of fruit and this really is a step in the right direction for my health. I’ve also been stuffing myself with mugshots, all free of course and I  love them, I think there awesome little snacks as they take no time at all to make, they taste good and there extremely filling which is definitely a plus point.

I was discussing with my mum after class about  Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 11/02/13…We Won!

What a week! I don’t know about you but they just seem to be going quicker and quicker.

This weeks weekly weigh in post is a little different…I’ve recorded it on YouTube!!! Yes that’s right you get to see me in the “flesh” so to speak (I know you can hardly contain yourselves at that thought!) this is the first video i’ve ever done so please be nice 🙂

I really like the thought of doing more video’s, there such an easy way to communicate with everyone, so that’s what I’m going to be doing more!

ANYWAY…enough of me typing, here’e me talking!

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Weekly Weigh In – 04/02/13…The week of changes!

I can’t believe its february already, it’s going far too quick, every time I finish writing these weekly weigh in updates its time to start the next!


This week has gone really well despite expecting some of the diet changes to be a killer! Before we down to business with the numbers, I want to ask you all about your slimming world class, are they as busy as mine? Last night mine was absolutely rammed with new members that had only been coming for a week or two and there loads of new people joining too! It’s great to see people making a decisions to change and I’d like to wish them all the best 🙂

Ok lets get down to the numbers, this week I lost a very nice….wait for it!….3lbs!!! GET IN!

How good is that! I was expecting a weight loss but not that big in the slightest, I’m chuffed with that. My total weight loss now stands at 54lbs, just 2lbs away from the big 4 stone which I can’t wait for, it’ll mean that I’m over half way to my target of 15 stone.

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Weekly Weigh In – 28/01/13…An interesting week!

Just got back from weigh in and…wait for it! I stayed the same!!! Hoooooorar! Now i suppose your wondering why I’m so happy with this result as it isn’t a loss at all and I usually get quite hacked off if I don’t lose (which I shouldn’t), well once you hear the type of week I’ve had you’ll understand why I’m so happy. Let’s dive in shall we

Junk food overload!

I’ve have had a pretty bad week this week when it comes to junk food and eating crap, it’t not like me to do this either, don’t get me wrong I have the odd thing here and there but this week has just been next level and I really don’t know why.

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Dieting Tips: Things I’ve Learnt Losing My First 3 ½ Stone

I joined slimming world at the end of August 2012 and up till now I have lost just over 3 ½ stone, pretty good going for 5 months but that’s not to say it’s been easy, far from it. I’m only half way through my journey at the moment until I get into maintenance mode and there are a few things that I have learnt along the way that I think will help other people out there that are just beginning their journey and that’s what I want to share with you today; some of them will relate to slimming world directly and others with be to do with health and weight loss in general but they all tie in together, so lets get right into it shall we!

Slimming World…Does it work?

Slimming world does work, there is tons of proof out there to see for yourself, sure I don’t like everything they say, do or recommend but on a whole their plans work and should be followed. I’ve tried other plans before such as Weight Watchers and Atkins but they didn’t work for me…don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they can’t work, I just think slimming world is an easier, more simpler system to follow that can be maintained indefinitely. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 21/01/13…I’ve lost a 3 year old!!!

BOOOOM! This week has been pretty awesome especially when it comes to y weight loss!

I’ll get right into it, I’ve lost 3.5lbs this week which is freaking awesome, that has taken me over the 3 an a half stone mark which has been hanging around for a while. My total weight loss now stands at 51lbs which is the equivalent weight of an average 3 year old!!! How mad is that 🙂

My plateau?

Last week I was saying about hitting my plateau and then I’ve gone and lost 3.5lbs! I’m not quite sure whats happening with that to be totally honest but I do know if I’m not at it yet I can’t be far away from it.

The vicious circle!

Coming back down to earth for a minute the beginning of the week was pretty tough, Monday evening I was really bummed at only losing 1/2lb but I done something that I wouldn’t have done before getting healthy and that was, let it go and move on.

I think this I one of the biggest trap people can fall into when dieting; kicking, blaming an even hating themselves for a bad day or week which then turns into comfort eating (junk food) and makes you feel even worse, it’s a very vicious circle that I was aware of this time and was adamant to avoid it.

I still had my Monday evening treat as normal but got right back on plan Tuesday morning with one difference, I was going to keep a food journal.

Food journal…the way forward?

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