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My Monthly Weigh In Report – May 2013

I can’t believe a month has rolled around already, where does the time go aye, almost half way through the year already!

So what’s been happening on the blog this month?picture of me in big trousers

Well I wrote a pretty interesting article about Muller light yoghurts, looking at how many we can safely eat due to the high sugar content. I’m really happy it was well received, and got some really positive comments on Instagram.

It’s the first time I’ve got any proper feedback on an article, and it was because I had helped someone; it felt amazing knowing what I had written helped someone:-)

Apart from my own personal reasons, helping others is the reason I set this blog up, I want to help as many people as I can.

Aside from my muller light article I started a series of posts about bulk preparing sandwich filings. For me, they’ve been nothing but a god send. Making my sandwiches have never been so quick, cheap and easy.
So far in the series, which I will be adding to is, egg & bacon, chicken and bacon and seafood mix, I recommend you taking a look at them if you haven’t already.

Monster bike rides

I started biking a little more this month; me and Nathan went on a huge bike ride out and about, we had a goal of 10 miles in our heads, and although I want to complete it I thought it was going to be killer, surprisingly it wasn’t. We took our time and completed the whole 10 miles 1 hour 22 minutes, which isn’t to bad for a first try.

i went on a huge, 10 mile bike ride and completed it in 1 hour 22 minutes

That ride inspired me to do more riding at the gym, and that’s what I done. My first attempt at 10 miles went well and took me 34 minutes 25 seconds! Continue reading


Weekly Weigh In – 22/04/13…Breaking News!


This week has been a little slow and sluggish, well that’s how I’ve been feeling at least; I know why, it’s because I’ve only been to the gym once this week.

Can’t catch a break

Monday I didn’t wake up in time which is really unlike me. I set two alarms in the morning, one at 5:40 and another at 6:00. I woke up at 5:40am, turned the alarm off but never woke up to the 6:00am one! Work that out! That was Mondays session ruined.

Wednesday’s run went great, I achieved a new personal best. I ran for 25 minutes straight! I’m chuffed with that, being able to run for 25 minutes is awesome. I can wait to run further for longer.

Friday was another missed session due to my car breaking! I wasn’t happy missing another session, but as it was due to something that I could control so I could be too unhappy.

It’s amazing how slow, sluggish and heavy I feel by missing a couple of gym sessions. It’s not just that though, I actually miss them. I find running very relaxing and destressing. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 15/04/2013…Lettuce Leaves!!!

running on the open road

I’m feeling awesome this week! What about you, how are you feeling?

This week went exceedingly well. I went to slimming world last night, feeling confident I’d lost about a pound, turns out I lost 2lbs! Result!

The normal life

I’m really quite happy with that weight loss because this week I’ve been living what you could call “a normal life”. Having the odd packet of crisps, cereal bars, biscuits, and on Sunday I had a ready meal macaroni and cheese (I know there crap, but hey ho!), oh my god it was incredible!. Little thing’s aye!

mac and cheese

I haven’t been scoffing everything in sight, just the odd bits here and there which I think should be allowed as long as I’m exercising. Working for it. Justifying it.

Becoming addicted…loving it!

Exercise is something that is certainly growing on me. I’m at the point where I’d like to be able to exercise so much that it doesn’t matter what I eat within reason, simply get’s burnt. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 08/04/13…Leaps & Bounds!


Another weigh in, another week! Could this year be going any quicker?

I’ve had a brilliant week this week, on plan without and problems on the food front. I’ve had the odd biscuits here and there at work, but that’s it. I haven’t actually been thinking about food that much lately. I love food and I always will but for the past few weeks I’ve been more focused on the gym.

runners on treadmill

Focusing on my running in particular, consistently improving my running time, each and every session; right now, writing this post i’m able to run continuously for 23 minutes! I’m not gonna be running for England anytime soon that’s for sure, but I’m darn pleased with my progress so far, I never thought id be able to run 10 minutes let alone 23!

I’m learning!

I’m was so busy thinking/writing about my running that I almost forgot to tell you about last nights weigh in! I love 1.5 lbs, which I’m happy with. I would like to try and hit 2 lbs a week, but a loss is a loss…I’m learning!

I’ve got a few targets this week. I want to add a little variety to my food where possible, up my running to 25 minutes and try to lose 2 lbs I feeling fired, raring to go!

What about you, how did your week go, and whats your plans for this week?

Weekly Weigh In 01/04/2013…Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy Easter!

Slimming world was a quick weigh-in and run tonight what with it being a bank holiday, that was OK with me, I’m still in holiday mode as I’ve had a lovely 4 days off, and it’s been bliss!

Even though, I’ve been off over the east break, I haven’t had any Easter eggs, well, I had a couple of the mini versions but their tiny!

Easter egg temptation2

And the results are…

I put on a pound this week. Honestly, I’m not fazed about this in the slightest, it’s only a pound, isn’t it.

I don’t think any weight gain would have put a damper on my sprite today. I set a new personal best, running for 20 minutes straight, something I’m so pleased with.

How’s this week gone?

Not bad at all really, sure I’ve had the odd Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 25/03/13…WINNING!!!

Slimming world biggest loser

Slimming world biggest loser

I’m so happy with tonight weigh in. I finally smashed through the plateau I’ve been perching on for the last six weeks. I lost 2.5lbs this week!!! Not only did I put an end to my “non moving” streak but I also achieved my 4 stone award! I’ve now lost 4 stone 1.5lbs (26kgs/57lbs) which I’m chuffed with, getting to the 4 stone mark has taken so much work, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s unquestionably worth it.


I was on a high from my weight loss and didn’t think things could get any better,but they did, they got much much better! My slimming world leader, Leslie announced that Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 18/03/13…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

I will WIN!

I’m so frustrated with my diet at the moment it’s unreal. My weight is not moving anywhere; ok it’s great that I haven’t put anything on but i feel like I’m in limbo it’s moving that slow.

As you’ve probably guessed, I stayed the same at this weeks weigh in; in the past 6 weeks, I’ve only lost 1, yes 1 poxy pound! I know this whole plateau slows you down, and things are meant to get harder as you go on, but this is taking the piss, isn’t it?

I’m so used to losing weight every week, so much so, when I don’t it’s quite a shock to the system, and ill be truthful, I don’t like it!

Am I a winner or loser?

I was talking to a running buddy of mine about getting stuck and not progressing and he said, Continue reading

Weigh In Update

This is my first update in a few weeks which I’m not happy about, I don’t like being this infrequent with blogging, but it can’t be helped; there really isn’t enough hours in the day at the moment!

So hows things going with my diet, slow, really slow, that’s how! I think I have officially hit the weight loss plateau, something I’ve been expecting and dreading for a long time.

In the past month i’ve only lost 2lbs, granted I haven’t put anything on but 2lbs in a whole month is crazy slow! I know everyone says “the slower you lose it, the more likely you’ll keep it off” I can understand that, but the frame of mind I’m in, I will keep it off, I can’t go back to the way I was not now.

I’m at that point where I’m thinking “what more can I possibly do, I’m eating well and exercising so what else can I do?”. To tell the truth I really don’t know; I’ve got a few ideas that I could try, nothing revolutionary though. The only things I can think of is increasing my exercise, and to eat more fruit and veg, I told you they wasn’t anything special.

It’s not as if I’ve only got a few more pound to go, I want to loss 3 and a half stone more, which will take me to a total loss of 7.5 stone; bringing me to 15 stone, the lowest I’ll have been in over 8/9 years! Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 25/02/13…Complement from a girl!

Hey Guys, I did want this to be a video but I’ve been rushing around lately so much I haven’t have time to record/edit so its an old school article this week, I’ll try and get a video sorted and then put it up as soon as I can.

Let’s get down to this week shall we,

Slowing Down?

I weighed in last night and I lost 1lb. I’ll be truthful, I wasn’t overly pleased with that, of course it 10x better than a gain so I’ll take it for sure, its just, things seem to be starting to slow down a little bit and I’m an impatient guy when it comes to getting things down, I just want progress  progress, progress, I know its never going to happen that way but I can want can’t I!

Not eating enough, you sure!

I have been eating loads of fruit this week, mainly apples, oranges and bananas, I’m quite please with this as I’ve never been a big fan of fruit and this really is a step in the right direction for my health. I’ve also been stuffing myself with mugshots, all free of course and I  love them, I think there awesome little snacks as they take no time at all to make, they taste good and there extremely filling which is definitely a plus point.

I was discussing with my mum after class about  Continue reading