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RECIPE: Slimming World Friendly, Syn Free, Freezer Friendly Quiche Muffins

main image for slimming world quiches

main image for slimming world quiches

I’ve been talking to a few readers this week and I’ve mentioned these quiche muffins I batch cook a few times and I realised that I haven’t posted the recipe! Your gonna love them; they can be batch cooked and frozen down saving you tons of time.

The ones I’m gonna show you today are chicken and bacon, but and this is the beautiful part, the list of fillings you can have are ultimately endless so feel free to mix it up.

Reader Quote:
Cooked the quiche muffins today. I have had to put in them in the freezer before my family eat them all! So a success! Thank you!


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Quick, Easy & Cheap, Slimming World Egg & Bacon Sandwich Filling

quick & easy egg and bacon sandwich filling advert

Preparing food well in advance not only saves me tons of time but also stop me thinking things such as “what can I eat” “what should I have for lunch/dinner” etc etc. Without these questions not does it stop me opting for the quick and easy junk food options, but it also saves me from failing, failing my over all goal which is to eat healthy.

Today I’m going to show you how I bulk prep egg & bacon sandwich filling, part of my guide to slimming world sandwiches. Not only is it quick, easy, unbelievably cheap, it’s also very low in syns.
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