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The Fat Person’s Realistic Guide to Exercise


Reading this right now tells me that you want to make a change in your life, you want to lose weight, get fit & healthy and feel great about yourself. But! And it’s a colossal but, you haven’t got a clue where to start.

I know that feeling, trust me I’ve been there. The hardest thing apart from being fat & overweight is the desire and want to change, but not knowing how. Not knowing where to start, there’s so many different “guides” & “how to’s” out there, it’s overwhelming.

I’m here to tell you, everything you need to know, everything you’ve been looking for. Continue reading


Just Reached A New Personal Best!

20 minute run on treadmill

Just got back from an awesome session at the gym, I killed the treadmill today and set a new (massive) personal best. I ran nonstop for 20 minutes…BOOM! I genuinely can’t believe how far I’ve come in 6/7 months since I’ve been dieting and training.

Shocking start point

I remember about 6 months ago me, and my mum tried to go for a run, we had just started slimming world, and we thought we should start exercising, so we thought we’d give running a go. I had a quick look online and found a routine that sounded doable for us. How wrong was I, we almost died! We got up at about 4:45 am raring to go, the plan was to walk for 2 minutes and then run for 1.5 minutes; repeat that 6 times. We just couldn’t do it, after the first 1.5 minute run we were gasping for air and could barely continue, we ended up power walking most of it.

I didn’t even go into the gym this morning with a plan to set a new personal best, both the cross trainers were taken, so I jumped on a treadmill and after a 4 minute warm up walk I cranked the speed up to to 7.1 and started running. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 12/11/12…My first gain?!?!?

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been posting for a couple of weeks I've just been really busy and I'm not really into “auto blogging mode” yet lol. Anyway! whats been happening well up till tonight I was standing in at 20 stone exactly which is a total weight loss of 2st 7lbs which I'm really pleased with and a few times this week on my home scales I saw the 19st 13lb area 🙂 which I haven't seen in, corw must be over 6/7 years at least.

Weekly Weigh In

Now lets get to tonight's weigh in, I went feeling really positive having a pretty good week, I've been doing some Wii Fit exercises here and there and I've also been doing my resistant band workouts for my arms, shoulders and legs which have been going great.

I went and got weighed and for the FIRST time since starting my weight loss program and slimming world I Continue reading

Tapout XT – First impressions from a fat person

tapout xt fat person review

I need to start this mini review/article with a little background on my exercise habits, tell the true it’s VERY little as before this (becoming healthy) I didn’t do exercise…at all! As you can imagine my fitness level is shockingly poor and non existent.

I can’t quite remember how I come across Tapout XT but I did and I had a little look on eBay for a cheap copy and bought it, the results looked amazing and I was thinking to myself “Well it’s only 90 of my life I have to tough out and then I will be getting somewhere! Surely I can do that!”

tapout xt fat person review

How wrong I was lol, I want to say before anyone gets the wrong impression that Tapout XT is and amazing workout and I’m positive it will work…for the right person.

The exercises/routines that Mike Karpenko puts you through is just unrealistic for a fat person, straight up I won’t lie I couldn’t do a lot of them because of my fat gut getting in the way and my lack of physical strength and flexibility  There are no “ok your unfit, let’s start slow” routines or exercises, it’s straight into the deep end with lead weights attached! Continue reading