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Weekly Weigh In – 14/01/13…The Dreaded Plateau

I don’t think I’m alone when I say this, I think I put too much pressure on myself and expect constant results which as I found out last night is not a good thing to do.

I felt that I had a really good week, no problems going off plan…anyway! I went and got weighed in and only lost half a pound and i just thought “Really!?!?!?! Is that it…I’m sure I sneeze more than that” I shouldn’t get to down about it as like everyone keeps telling me a loss is a loss and its much better than a gain, which is 110% true no doubt there but i just feel it should be more, more that a measly 1/2 lb.

The day has finally come

I don’t think it’s anything that I’ve done wrong this week to account for the minimal weight loss, no, I think its what I’ve been dreading for a while now and that’s hitting my weight loss Continue reading

MEGA Update!

slimming world christmas dinner

This is going to be something of a mega post update as I haven’t posted in a while so sit back and relax!

Before we get into things I wanted to say this blog is part of my new changes/goals for the year (that’s a new way of saying resolutions!) and I’m going to be knuckling down and documenting my journey with updates, articles, recipes, reviews and much more.

This isn’t just for my benefit (it’s a great way of being honest with myself) it’s for yours too, I want to help as many people as I can that want to change their lives by losing weight and getting healthy. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be like other fitness/weight-loss blogs out there that are all pumped’ and aimed at people who are already slim, beautiful and fit…this blog is for fat people!

Bottom line is I want to create a blog that’s warm, friendly and lasting that will help people that are in the situation I have been in; they want to change their lives but don’t have a clue where to start.

I hope you check back from time to time and get involved, I want to hear from you all, your questions, hint & tips, stories…anything!

With that said let’s begin!

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Weekly Weigh In – 12/11/12…My first gain?!?!?

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been posting for a couple of weeks I've just been really busy and I'm not really into “auto blogging mode” yet lol. Anyway! whats been happening well up till tonight I was standing in at 20 stone exactly which is a total weight loss of 2st 7lbs which I'm really pleased with and a few times this week on my home scales I saw the 19st 13lb area 🙂 which I haven't seen in, corw must be over 6/7 years at least.

Weekly Weigh In

Now lets get to tonight's weigh in, I went feeling really positive having a pretty good week, I've been doing some Wii Fit exercises here and there and I've also been doing my resistant band workouts for my arms, shoulders and legs which have been going great.

I went and got weighed and for the FIRST time since starting my weight loss program and slimming world I Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 08/10/12

I’ve been really quite excited about being weighed this week, I’m not sure of the exact reason why but I think it’s just a combination of felling better in myself, seeing results and that I’m heading for my 2st weight loss mark; all that together has got me really fired up and motivated which is great.

So how did I do this week, well I was aiming for a 4.5lb loss which would take me to a total of 2st, I only managed to lose 3lbs this which is still really good and I am pleased with it, it’s just a little frustrating that I’m 1.5lbs away from quite a mile stone.

I did have a bit of a rocky evening this week as you know with the kebab meat on the way home which I’ve put behind me and moved on from but I does make you think…”If I hadn’t have eaten that would I have lost more?” That being said we could ask that question with everything we eat so maybe it’s just best to move on and stay strong.

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I’m a Cheat!!!

Last night driving home from an evening out with my mates I pulled into my local kebabery and ordered some donner meat with garlic sauce! I don't have a clue as to why I did as I wasn't hungry, it was 11:30 at night so I should have been asleep normally but I just steered myself there; it's not like I'd had a really bad day either, everything was normal up until then and once I had eaten it I felt like shit believe me.

I just need to learn from it and move on, what's done is done the only way I can rectify it is by getting back plan now…I really hope it doesn't affect me too much come weigh-in although it would serve me right and teach me a lesson!


Weekly Weigh In – 01/10/12

This is my first “weekly weigh in” post and I’m going to do it every week as a running series, that way ill be able to keep track of how my week went, what I’ve done different and most importantly how much weight I lost.

I wasn’t expecting to lose wight this week to be totally honest with you, I was quite distracted by things out of my normal routine which made me lose focus; I didn’t gorge myself on crap but I wasn’t as strict as I have been on other weeks and I spent most of the week trying to help my muscles recover from the Tapout XT workouts! Continue reading

Tapout XT – First impressions from a fat person

tapout xt fat person review

I need to start this mini review/article with a little background on my exercise habits, tell the true it’s VERY little as before this (becoming healthy) I didn’t do exercise…at all! As you can imagine my fitness level is shockingly poor and non existent.

I can’t quite remember how I come across Tapout XT but I did and I had a little look on eBay for a cheap copy and bought it, the results looked amazing and I was thinking to myself “Well it’s only 90 of my life I have to tough out and then I will be getting somewhere! Surely I can do that!”

tapout xt fat person review

How wrong I was lol, I want to say before anyone gets the wrong impression that Tapout XT is and amazing workout and I’m positive it will work…for the right person.

The exercises/routines that Mike Karpenko puts you through is just unrealistic for a fat person, straight up I won’t lie I couldn’t do a lot of them because of my fat gut getting in the way and my lack of physical strength and flexibility  There are no “ok your unfit, let’s start slow” routines or exercises, it’s straight into the deep end with lead weights attached! Continue reading

The First Post!

Hey Guys!

Well this is my first post on my brand new site!!! – FatboysDiet.com.
As you have probably guessed by now I’m the Fatboy (AKA Darran Mansfield)…it’s been my nickname for as long as I can remember and for a two good reasons, first and foremost i’m fat (there’s no point sugar coating it) second is just LOVE my food.

I’m so alive and passionate about great tasting food I actually get physically excited (freak alert!). All that being said I’m at a point in my life where I want to make some life long changes starting with my weight and health.

So what is this blog going to be about, well I’m going to be using it as a journal about my weight loss journey to start with, sharing all my highs and lows as they happen with a weekly weight-in monthly weigh in report; not only am I going to be posting a journal but I also want to write some detailed articles about the body, how weight loss works, food and recipes and much much more.

Put simply I want to delve deeper into everything I can and learn how to become as healthy as I can while keeping my sanity and still being able to eat some great tasting foods and snacks.

I know its going to one hellish long road but and I’m gonna want to quit but I going to try my damness not to, I want to change…I have to change.

So what’s in it for you your asking, well I’m hoping that you will learn a few things from my trials and tribulations, I’m quite sure you’ll have some laughs along the way watching me, but most of all I want you to join me on this journey and share your experiences, hints/tips, recipes, exercises and anything that worked and that didn’t…I want us to show the world that anything is possible if we stick to it and earn it.

Thanks guys


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