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Weekly Weigh In – 22/04/13…Breaking News!


This week has been a little slow and sluggish, well that’s how I’ve been feeling at least; I know why, it’s because I’ve only been to the gym once this week.

Can’t catch a break

Monday I didn’t wake up in time which is really unlike me. I set two alarms in the morning, one at 5:40 and another at 6:00. I woke up at 5:40am, turned the alarm off but never woke up to the 6:00am one! Work that out! That was Mondays session ruined.

Wednesday’s run went great, I achieved a new personal best. I ran for 25 minutes straight! I’m chuffed with that, being able to run for 25 minutes is awesome. I can wait to run further for longer.

Friday was another missed session due to my car breaking! I wasn’t happy missing another session, but as it was due to something that I could control so I could be too unhappy.

It’s amazing how slow, sluggish and heavy I feel by missing a couple of gym sessions. It’s not just that though, I actually miss them. I find running very relaxing and destressing. Continue reading

Society Used To Fat People OR Sabotage?

society used to fat people?

For the past couple of weeks,  I’ve been dragging about losing 4 stone. I haven’t been doing it in a big head, show off way; more of a “I’m so pleased i’ve reached the 4 stone mark”. Nine times out of ten when I tell someone that I’ve lost 4 stone they ask me a few standard questions,

How long has it taken you?
Has it been hard?
How did you do it?
How much more do you want to lose?

I answer all these questions and many more. I love talking about it because if I could inspire just one person to into changing their life, to get fit and healthy; that would be an incredible feeling. I love the thought of becoming a better person myself while trying to help as many other people out there as I can.

I’m getting side tracked.

When I answer the “how much more do you want to lose” question with, “I’ve got 3 and half stone to go until I hit my target”, people look at me in a number of different ways; confusion, shock, disbelief. I can’t understand why. They follow their confused looking face with, “Really! That’s too much, surely you can’t have that much more to go”. At this point lately, I like to ask them one last question before answering theirs. Just to try and figure out what their thinking and seeing when they look at me. “How much to you think I weigh right now?”

This is where things get a little crazy!

I’ve had guesses ranging from 14 – 16 stone, no one has ever come close to my actual weight (at the time of asking I was 18 stone 5lbs). Don’t get me wrong it sounds like a lovely compliment but is it? I’ve been thinking about their guesses a little, maybe I shouldn’t be, maybe I should just take them as compliments and more on, but i just can’t. Something’s bugging me and to tell you the truth I’m confused as hell to what it is.

Thinking hasn’t helped, it just brought up more questions that I’m trying to answer; Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 15/04/2013…Lettuce Leaves!!!

running on the open road

I’m feeling awesome this week! What about you, how are you feeling?

This week went exceedingly well. I went to slimming world last night, feeling confident I’d lost about a pound, turns out I lost 2lbs! Result!

The normal life

I’m really quite happy with that weight loss because this week I’ve been living what you could call “a normal life”. Having the odd packet of crisps, cereal bars, biscuits, and on Sunday I had a ready meal macaroni and cheese (I know there crap, but hey ho!), oh my god it was incredible!. Little thing’s aye!

mac and cheese

I haven’t been scoffing everything in sight, just the odd bits here and there which I think should be allowed as long as I’m exercising. Working for it. Justifying it.

Becoming addicted…loving it!

Exercise is something that is certainly growing on me. I’m at the point where I’d like to be able to exercise so much that it doesn’t matter what I eat within reason, simply get’s burnt. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 08/04/13…Leaps & Bounds!


Another weigh in, another week! Could this year be going any quicker?

I’ve had a brilliant week this week, on plan without and problems on the food front. I’ve had the odd biscuits here and there at work, but that’s it. I haven’t actually been thinking about food that much lately. I love food and I always will but for the past few weeks I’ve been more focused on the gym.

runners on treadmill

Focusing on my running in particular, consistently improving my running time, each and every session; right now, writing this post i’m able to run continuously for 23 minutes! I’m not gonna be running for England anytime soon that’s for sure, but I’m darn pleased with my progress so far, I never thought id be able to run 10 minutes let alone 23!

I’m learning!

I’m was so busy thinking/writing about my running that I almost forgot to tell you about last nights weigh in! I love 1.5 lbs, which I’m happy with. I would like to try and hit 2 lbs a week, but a loss is a loss…I’m learning!

I’ve got a few targets this week. I want to add a little variety to my food where possible, up my running to 25 minutes and try to lose 2 lbs I feeling fired, raring to go!

What about you, how did your week go, and whats your plans for this week?


The Fat Person’s Realistic Guide to Exercise


Reading this right now tells me that you want to make a change in your life, you want to lose weight, get fit & healthy and feel great about yourself. But! And it’s a colossal but, you haven’t got a clue where to start.

I know that feeling, trust me I’ve been there. The hardest thing apart from being fat & overweight is the desire and want to change, but not knowing how. Not knowing where to start, there’s so many different “guides” & “how to’s” out there, it’s overwhelming.

I’m here to tell you, everything you need to know, everything you’ve been looking for. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In 01/04/2013…Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy Easter!

Slimming world was a quick weigh-in and run tonight what with it being a bank holiday, that was OK with me, I’m still in holiday mode as I’ve had a lovely 4 days off, and it’s been bliss!

Even though, I’ve been off over the east break, I haven’t had any Easter eggs, well, I had a couple of the mini versions but their tiny!

Easter egg temptation2

And the results are…

I put on a pound this week. Honestly, I’m not fazed about this in the slightest, it’s only a pound, isn’t it.

I don’t think any weight gain would have put a damper on my sprite today. I set a new personal best, running for 20 minutes straight, something I’m so pleased with.

How’s this week gone?

Not bad at all really, sure I’ve had the odd Continue reading


Just Reached A New Personal Best!

20 minute run on treadmill

Just got back from an awesome session at the gym, I killed the treadmill today and set a new (massive) personal best. I ran nonstop for 20 minutes…BOOM! I genuinely can’t believe how far I’ve come in 6/7 months since I’ve been dieting and training.

Shocking start point

I remember about 6 months ago me, and my mum tried to go for a run, we had just started slimming world, and we thought we should start exercising, so we thought we’d give running a go. I had a quick look online and found a routine that sounded doable for us. How wrong was I, we almost died! We got up at about 4:45 am raring to go, the plan was to walk for 2 minutes and then run for 1.5 minutes; repeat that 6 times. We just couldn’t do it, after the first 1.5 minute run we were gasping for air and could barely continue, we ended up power walking most of it.

I didn’t even go into the gym this morning with a plan to set a new personal best, both the cross trainers were taken, so I jumped on a treadmill and after a 4 minute warm up walk I cranked the speed up to to 7.1 and started running. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 25/03/13…WINNING!!!

Slimming world biggest loser

Slimming world biggest loser

I’m so happy with tonight weigh in. I finally smashed through the plateau I’ve been perching on for the last six weeks. I lost 2.5lbs this week!!! Not only did I put an end to my “non moving” streak but I also achieved my 4 stone award! I’ve now lost 4 stone 1.5lbs (26kgs/57lbs) which I’m chuffed with, getting to the 4 stone mark has taken so much work, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s unquestionably worth it.


I was on a high from my weight loss and didn’t think things could get any better,but they did, they got much much better! My slimming world leader, Leslie announced that Continue reading

My Top 3 Killer Tips for Conquering Food Cravings

Let’s face it, being on a diet sucks until you really get into the swing of things. When it becomes a life change, that’s when it stops sucking (almost), that’s because your getting used to it, your body’s adjusted and your more experienced; you know what foods to eat and how to cook them.

BUT! It’s a big but, there’s always something that’s consistently screaming at me, screaming “Eat me! I’m so god dam tasty, just eat me!”. It’s my weight loss nemesis that’s making all the noise; everyone’s got a food nemesis, regardless of being on a diet or not.

eat me!

The big bad wolf

My (super,supper,supper) nemesis is sauces; I just love eating sauces with everything, almost to the point it’s a cardinal sin to have a meal without any. When I say sauce, I don’t just mean mayonnaise or ketchup, I quite literally mean every sauce out there, they’ve all got the own rightful place as such, but I love them all. Continue reading

Weekly Weigh In – 18/03/13…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

I will WIN!

I’m so frustrated with my diet at the moment it’s unreal. My weight is not moving anywhere; ok it’s great that I haven’t put anything on but i feel like I’m in limbo it’s moving that slow.

As you’ve probably guessed, I stayed the same at this weeks weigh in; in the past 6 weeks, I’ve only lost 1, yes 1 poxy pound! I know this whole plateau slows you down, and things are meant to get harder as you go on, but this is taking the piss, isn’t it?

I’m so used to losing weight every week, so much so, when I don’t it’s quite a shock to the system, and ill be truthful, I don’t like it!

Am I a winner or loser?

I was talking to a running buddy of mine about getting stuck and not progressing and he said, Continue reading