A Little taste of Italy This Weekend…I think so!


Tomorrow I’m going to my first holy communion for my mums friends children, I’m not really a religious person, at all, so not only is this going to be my first communion, but it’s also going to be in Italian!

As I said, I’m not really into the whole religion thing, that’s just me, but what into and excited about is the food that’s going to be laid out afterwards…hey I’m a recovering fat person, what do you expect?

I can’t wait to see (and eat!) all the traditional Italian food being served, knowing how much they love and take pride in their foods, it’s certainly going to be something special. I know the family pretty well, like I said it’s my mums close friend’s kids and I’ve heard nothing but planning talk for the last couple of months running up to this and 99% of it has been about the food!

They’ve been running all over the place sourcing specific ingredients for each dish its mad. My mum told me last night that they had to travel miles to this one shop for, and I quote “proper American yeast” for the homemade pizza’s; what’s the hell is proper yeast when its at home? Yeast is yeast, right?

Well, they obviously know something that I don’t, and pizza is involved so who am I to argue?

Apart from the meat cold cuts and salad there isn’t gonna be any slimming world friendly food on offer, I may be wrong but I can’t see it somehow. Not to worry though, I’m gonna use tomorrows special occasion as my weekly cheat meal. This is gonna be too good to use the old “I’m not gonna eat because I’m on slimming world/diet” line, I fully advocate cheat meals as you know and wheres the harm using them to your advantage?

I’ll make sure to take loads of mouth watering pics just for you all to drool over!

Darran Mansfield

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